About Us

BebeChic Limited is based in New Milton in Hampshire.

We have been producing our own unique shaped design of Breastfeeding Cover since 2009.The first Breastfeeding Covers were produced when family members had problems finding covers that suited their needs.

From those small beginnings the business has grown but we have never compromised on the quality of materials and manufacture.

All our Breastfeeding Covers are made in the UK from 100% cotton: Our muted designs and subtle colours are chosen to suit the British taste and we pride ourselves on the high quality and value of all our products.

Our 100% Organic Bamboo Cellular Blankets, also made in UK, are a recent addition to our range. The unique properties of bamboo plus the cellular structure and the Oeko-Tex Class 1 dyes of the trims, make our blankets safe for baby from newborn.

Our customer service is second to none. In the unlikely event of a problem you can be confident that it will be sorted out quickly and efficiently.