Our Organic Blankets and Covers

Our  organic bamboo  cellular blankets come in Newborn / Crib size - 95 x 80 cm

All  our blankets are made  from  100%  Organic Bamboo  fibres. No  dyes are used in the manufacture of the natural bamboo
fabric and the dyes used in the 100% polyester trim  conform to baby safe Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. Together with the
Cellular construction these factors make our blankets safe for your baby from newborn onwards.
Bamboo has many antibacterial qualities which bamboo fabric is able to retain even through multiple washes.
Our  bamboo blankets also offer built-in  temperature control: bamboo fabric traps  air in its cross-sectional fibres to help keep
baby  warm in winter, while its  breathable  nature and wicking  properties keep moisture at bay for greater comfort in summer.
Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, odourless and luxuriously soft and silky. Unlike cotton, it retains its softness wash after wash.